Ring Spotlight Cam Pro security camera series has battery, plug-in, wired & solar models » Gadget Flow

Add a device to your setup that truly improves your home’s security when you select from the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro security camera series. The collection includes 4 models: Battery, Plug-In, Wired, and Solar. All of them use integrated radar to provide super precise motion alerts. Additionally, they use the Bird’s Eye View feature to provide intelligent 3D motion detection. It gives you a map of your area from the top down, showing the detailed path a person took to get to your front door. So you know if someone looked in your windows or was just a bit too nosy on your porch. With Audio+ technology, they allow for a 2-way talk feature so you can speak to people at your front door. Additionally, the Full HDR video quality ensures you can actually see people through the camera.

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