Ring talks Thread, Sidewalk and keeping it simple

(Pocket-lint) – Ring has been hugely successful since its inception in 2013. Its affordable, smart Video Doorbells effectively created a new category on their own.

It introduced to home security a technology that was mostly restricted to corporations or wealthy homeowners and, in the process, built a reputation that would eventually see the company bought by Amazon.

Since then, cameras, connected alarms and other devices have expanded the Ring ecosystem – while rivals have also started to catch up with their own smart home security solutions.

But, throughout its relatively rapid rise, perhaps even the reason for it, Ring has kept to one basic principle, to “keep things simple”.

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“We’re continuing to put the user in control, continuing to make it simple for the user to be able to get what they want out of their system,” explained Ring’s managing director of EU & International, Dave Ward, to us for the Pocket-lint Podcast episode 113.

“Everyone’s very unique, the world’s very diverse, we all live in very different housing setups. We all use our home in a very different way. So we’ve got to make it easy for people to to configure their setup so it works for them.

“That’s that’s the one thing that we continue to keep working on. We have done that since we founded the business and we’ll keep doing it.”

It doesn’t mean the company isn’t looking to innovate further, however. It is keeping its eye on new smart connectivity technologies, such as Amazon’s Sidewalk to see if that can improve its customer experience.

Sidewalk is a technology that can improve connectivity of smart devices, including Ring’s, by effectively using them to create a mesh network on a neighbourhood level rather than individual. It’s something that Ring has its eye on: “We’ll see how that develops over time, but it’s a technology we’re excited about,” Ward said.

“We think it’s got a lot of value for consumers over time so, as we start to roll that out internationally, we’ll see how that works.”

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Thread is a similar wireless protocol that could drive mesh connectivity for multiple different smart devices in your home, no matter the brand. It’s also on Ring’s radar: “I think there’s definitely a need for connectivity to be improved across all of these types of standards over the time. So, I think it’s a it’s a positive thing that we’re starting to see in the industry,” he added.

“We’ve always believed making things easy for people and we already have integrations across things like Amazon Alexa. You can take a Ring Video Doorbell, set that up, connect it to your Alexa system, and then connect that to other devices relatively simply.

“So, t’s one of those things that we’ll work on as we go, based on customer feedback and an understanding of where people want to take it. But, it certainly seems like an exciting thing in the industry right now.”

As for Ring’s more immediate future, Ward explained that the company will continue to keep things simple and provide the best smart device-enabled security systems it can: “The devices that we create are around security and we’ll keep innovating in that space. It’s about making your home as secure as we can while making it simple for you to use.”

You can listen to the entire interview on this week’s Pocket-lint Podcast, out Friday 23 July 2021.

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