Roborock S6 Pure smart robotic vacuum mop uses LiDAR navigation and multifloor mapping » Gadget Flow

Improve your home with an intelligent gadget that’ll keep it clean: the Roborock S6 Pure smart robotic vacuum mop. Using precise LiDAR navigation, it accurately maps your home so it can provide a complete and effective clean. Moreover, this gadget cleans in a Z-shape route, which means it gets every spot on your floor. As if that wasn’t enough, this smart robotic vacuum mop can also save multiple maps for different floors. You can choose to set no-go zones on every level if there are spaces you don’t want it to enter. To keep things simple, the Roborock S6 Pure lets you control it in a number of ways. Use the Roborock app, Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and more. Furthermore, boasting a powerful suction of 2,000 Pa, it automatically switches to a carpet boost mode when it senses that it’s on carpet.

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