ROCCAT Magma membrane gaming keyboard features silent keys, backlighting, and more » Gadget Flow

Accent your gaming or workspace with the ROCCAT Magma membrane gaming keyboard. Designed for maximum comfort and efficiency, it boasts silent keys, ROCCAT Easy-Shift[+] technology, and a detachable palm rest. In particular, the keys offer a responsive feel without disturbing others. So you can game in the night without creating any noise. And Easy-Shift[+] technology expands your common power with a single keystroke. Simply hold down the button to unlock a second function for a range of options. Moreover, this membrane gaming keyboard’s top plate is fully illuminating in 16.8 million RGB colors for a showstopping finish. Finally, powered by 10 discrete LEDs and a lighting system with 5 zones, it will spur you on while you game. In fact, it creates a stunning visual!

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