ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Pro Dr Disrespect Keyboard has a tenkeyless form factor for comfort » Gadget Flow

Enjoy extended gaming sessions without any wrist restraints or discomfort with the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Pro Dr Disrespect Keyboard. Boasting a tenkeyless form factor, it frees up your valuable desk space and, more importantly, lets you game in a more natural, comfortable position. In fact, you’ll receive a bigger range of motion with your mouse movements without bumping into this keyboard. Moreover, this gaming keyboard sports an aluminum layer for extra strength and durability. And it provides 100 million keystrokes—twice the industry average—for a virtually indestructible design. Moreover, this special edition keyboard features key stabilizer technology to make the keys sturdy and ergonomic. All the while, the AIMO intelligent lighting engine provides a striking finish to enhance your gameplay and even performance.

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