Rode VideoMic GO II microphone is a smaller, simplified version of the VideoMic NTG » Gadget Flow

Make radical changes to your content creation with the Rode VideoMic GO II analog/USB microphone. A smaller and simplified update of the VideoMic NTG along with significant updates, it’s ultracompact. Moreover, the Rode VideoMic GO II delivers focused directivity, isolation from background noise and vibrations, and low noise. When used as a USB microphone, the 3.5 mm jack works as a headphone output. So you can monitor the live signal from your host device. And, since this analog/USB microphone uses a wired connection, it doesn’t have any controls or switches to operate. Furthermore, this microphone features acoustic perforations instead of the linear slots you typically see. This new design helps to deliver a natural, uncolored sound. It also adopts a supercardioid polar pattern to focus on the sound directly in front of it while disregarding sound from the sides and rear. Overall, get creative with this microphone.

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