RØDE Vlogger Kit iOS Edition is a complete iPhone filmmaking kit » Gadget Flow

If you’re a budding photographer or vlogger and use your iPhone to capture images and videos, the RØDE Vlogger Kit iOS Edition has everything you need. It includes a VideoMic Me-L microphone that connects directly to your phone, delivering directional sound for any application. And the microphone also reduces background noise. In addition, the SmartGrip secures your device in place for stable footage. The Tripod 2 is compatible with handheld, static, or tabletop use, providing different ways to hold it. Meanwhile, the MicroLED provides lighting to help you perfect your shots. In fact, the MicroLED provides over four hours of lighting on a single charge. Finally, you can use this RØDE Vlogger Kit iOS Edition in outdoor and adverse weather conditions, making it highly versatile.

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