Ronnie & Saffire Share Cryptic Soulmate Message on IG

Ronnie Ortiz Magro posted a cryptic post describing soulmates on Instagram, which Saffire Matos later reposted. Fans now think they are back together.

Ronnie Ortiz Magro of Jersey Shore shared a cryptic message about soulmates to his Instagram story Sunday evening, which Saffire Matos later reposted to her own Instagram. The post went into detail about all of the characteristics that make up an ideal soulmate. Fans are now calling Saffire “delusional.”

Ronnie was arrested in April on accounts of domestic violence allegations. He was taken into custody in Los Angeles, California before later being released on $100,000 bail. Initially, fans were under the impression that Ronnie’s ex and baby mama Jenn Harley was involved in the altercation; however, her boyfriend Joe confirmed she was not. In fact, Jenn ultimately ended up driving four hours from Las Vegas to California to retrieve their shared daughter who was with Ronnie at the time of his arrest.

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It was later confirmed by law enforcement that Saffire was the one who called the police for help when a heated argument turned physical between her and Ronnie. They also noted that Saffire had physical signs of abuse upon their arrival. While many fans assumed the two would break up following the incident, that may not be the case. Ronnie posted a quote on his Instagram story Sunday, which went into detail describing the characteristics of a soulmate. In the corner of the post, Ronnie included a gif of a teddy bear, leading fans to believe it was intended towards Saffire due to her nickname “Bear.” After a little more investigation, they realized that under the bear, in very tiny print, Ronnie did in fact tag Saffire’s account. The tag was very easy to miss because it blended in with the background of the photo. Saffire later reposted Ronnie’s story to that of her own, not adding any additional text.

The lengthy quote went into much detail describing the most important attributes that are essential for a soulmate. According to the quote, a soulmate must challenge their partner to be a better version of themselves. They must always remain “faithful, loyal and committed” to their partner. It continued on to state that a soulmate is “someone who stands by your side through the good days and the bad days.” Finally, the post concluded by explaining that in being someone’s soulmate an individual must be willing to grow old with that person. The post has led fans to believe that Ronnie and Saffire are in fact back together despite Saffire’s since-deleted Tik Tok video bashing Ronnie for mistreating her. They are now calling Saffire, along with a majority of the other women Ronnie has dated, delusional for not seeing through his games.

Prior to the couple’s recent domestic violence incident, Saffire had filmed her debut on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation which will be seen in the upcoming season. Although Ronnie has remained on the show following his past arrests for domestic violence, Jersey Shore fans are calling for him to be fired for good. They think enough is enough; he should not be rewarded a paycheck despite his negative actions. While Ronnie will in fact be seen in the upcoming season, his overall future with the franchise remains unknown.

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Source: Ronnie Ortiz Magro, Saffire Matos, Reddit

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