Rumor: AMD’s EPYC Milan-X CPU to Have 3D Die Stacking

We now know a lot more about AMD’s forthcoming 3D die stacking technology, thanks to new tweets from reliable hardware leakers ExecutableFix and Patrick Schur. These tweets claim that we can first expect to see this tech at play in the EPYC Milan-X series of data center processors.

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A year ago, AMD revealed via its Financial Analyst Day 2020 event that the chipmaker was working on a new breed of processors that would utilize its X3D chip packaging technology. AMD’s X3D hybrid technology is based on 2.5D packaging and 3D stacking. In layman terms, it allows AMD to stack various dies on top of each other inside the chipmaker’s multi-chip modules (MCM). Considering the similarity, X3D is basically AMD’s response to Intel’s Foveros 3D stacking technology.

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