Ryzen 5000 RAM Guide: Find The Best RAM For Your Zen 3 CPU

When it comes to processors, even the best can be made better through a little tuning, and that statement certainly holds true with AMD’s market-leading Ryzen 5000 processors. These chips often don’t overclock to bleeding-edge core frequencies, instead relying on automatic algorithms to extract the best core performance. However, tuning your memory can significantly improve performance. In fact, often just selecting the right kit with the correct number of DIMMs can provide tangible performance gains with a minimum of fuss. This article covers the best memory settings and combinations for Ryzen 5000 processors, including overclocked configurations, along with a few tips on what you should expect from your chip. 

It’s not always easy to stay on the right path, and AMD, like any other company, has had its ups and downs. After being off track for a few years, the chipmaker ultimately found the winning formula with its Zen microarchitecture. Four years later, AMD’s foot is still on the pedal and taking the fight to Intel, with its latest army of Ryzen 5000 (codename Vermeer) processors leading the charge. 

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