S650 Ford Mustang Design Clues May Be Hinted With This Sculpture

The S550 generation Ford Mustang is in its twilight years. However, the iconic muscle car is far from feeling old with the re-introduced Mach 1, the return of collectable appearance packages, along with some new ones. Yet around the corner lurks the highly anticipated S650 Mustang, which is likely to be the last V8 pony car standing as Chevrolet moves to discontinue the Camaro, and Dodge is betting on electric muscle. Which is expected to debut as soon as the 2023 model year, and you can read our exclusive details here.

A Closer Look At The S650 Ford Mustang Sculpture

We know that Ford CEO Jim Farley wants the S650 Mustang design to be poster-worthy, and we expect nothing less from what could very well be the last ICE muscle car standing. Designers are likely to do a few things to help the car stand out and reach a younger, wealthier audience. That is precisely what this potential design found on the Mustang7G forum looks to do. We know that the S650 design will be an evolved form of the S550, and this sculpture certainly follows that requirement with a sportier, oceanic apex predator design. Most notably is the massive grille, which seems to be a growing trend with car designs lately. Circling the sculpture, an assortment of aggressive wings line the front bumper and the sides, which certainly adds to the sporty look. At the same time, the front and hood maintain a similar shape to what’s found on the S550 Mustang.

Potential S650 Mustang Design

Of course, this is just a sculpture, and the final design is undoubtedly going to be different but as one member on the forum pointed out, the front end is very similar to a rendering released during the launch of the Mustang Mach-E, which showcases a coupe, not an SUV. We know that aerodynamics and pedestrian safety prioritize the vehicle design, and the S650 Ford Mustang will continue the trend of smooth shapes and rounded edges while balancing an aggressive style. The sculpture indeed manages to do both, although only time will tell for sure how close this could be to what ends up being the final product for the next-generation Ford Mustang.

Potential S650 Ford Mustang Design

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