S650 Ford Mustang May Get Key-Fob-Controlled Engine Revving System

Ford Motor Company has patented a remote-controlled engine revving system, that could be perfect for showing off at the local car show. While nothing official has been announced, we wager that this technology could debut on the highly-anticipated S650 Mustang, the upcoming seventh-generation iteration of the iconic muscle car.

The patent documents were filed with the United States Patent Office (USPTO) by the Michigan-based automaker on November 3rd, 2020, and published on May 5th, 2022. The documents depict a “remote-controlled engine revving” system and was posted on the 7th Mustang forum.

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The system is pretty straightforward, consisting of a remote, which will likely be a smartphone app or a key fob, and allows the engine to be revved remotely. Interestingly, the patent states that the remote will be able to be used with ICE vehicles, as well as hybrid and electric vehicles. On the EV side, the remote engine rev would play either a fake exhaust note or sound effects of the user’s choosing.

In addition, it could be possible that the system could be programmed for the engine to hold specific RPMs in sequence in order to play some sort of song, much like some F1 cars are able to do.

It’s no secret that people with performance cars like to rev up their engines and show their friends, so it’s only natural that a brand that has been selling one of the world’s most popular sports cars for almost 60 years would try and cater more to its audience. 

Ford has been taking pages out of Tesla’s books since the introduction of the Mustang Mach E, but this is the first time that the Detroit brand has ventured into something playful, like Tesla’s boombox mode that allows drivers to fart at people. This is what sells, baby.

This tech would be great if it could be retrofitted to late-model Ford products. If you had a vintage Mustang, as you’d be able to stand behind the vehicle, rev the engine, and see what color the smoke was to determine the condition of the engine. Modern Mustangs don’t really need that though, because a computer does it all for you. 

Being able to rev your engine remotely does have some diagnostic use, however, as there isn’t always a time when you can press the accelerator while listening for strange noises. 

Additionally, If you can’t find your S650 Mustang in the parking lot, just rev the engine a few times and essentially use echolocation to find it. It’s better than a car alarm, if you ask us.

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