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Several rumours have been going around which stated that Samsung is working on the next generation of the Galaxy watch and the fact that they may be removing the rotating bezel. Thanks to a new Samsung Health update, we now know that the Galaxy Watch 5 will be available in two variants, a regular Galaxy Watch 5 and a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Samsung app confirms Galaxy Watch 5, Watch 5 Pro, will probably remove the Classic version

With today’s new Galaxy Watch 4 beta, there was also a beta update for the Samsung Health app, version While this beta didn’t bring any new features or design upgrades, it did add support for the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro. It’s important to note there is no Galaxy Watch 5 Classic in the app, which is a strong indication that there probably won’t be a Galaxy Watch 5 Classic.

Several leaksters have also observed that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro won’t have a rotating bezel. There have also been claims that the watch may use materials like sapphire glass and titanium for the display and body, making it seem like a more premium version of the normal Galaxy Watch 5.

Although the Galaxy Watch 4 series has proven to be a hit, the battery life was one of the least satisfying parts of the lineup. Apparently, that’s something Samsung is preparing to solve with the “Galaxy Watch 5 Pro,” which would have a 60% larger battery if rumours are anything to go by.

Galaxy Watch 5 will ship with a 572 mAh battery. Most smartwatches have batteries of around 400mAh capacity. Very few smartwatches last for full two days, so there is a very good chance that with the jump in capacity, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may turn out to be a watch that can last over 3 days.

In the world of Wear OS, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 offers one of the most complete experiences for health and fitness tracking. It was expected that the Galaxy Watch 5 would add to that package and offer body temperature measurements. However, it now seems that such a plan might not work out. It looks like Apple, Samsung too, is having trouble with measuring body temperatures on their smartwatch.

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