Samsung Galaxy S22 to feature smaller battery than S21?

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung is going to reduce the battery capacity in its flagship Galaxy S-series in 2022, and that includes the standard Galaxy S22, according to a recent report. 

If the information is accurate, it will see the Galaxy S22 drop down to a typical capacity of 3700mAh. That’s down 300mAh from the 4000mAh battery in the standard Galaxy S21 from this year. 

The report – originally published in Dutch by GalaxyClub – also goes on to say that the Galaxy S22+ battery is claimed to be 4500mAh (compared to 4800mAh on the S21+). 

Of the three models in the series, it appears that only the S22 Ultra will feature the same sized battery as its predecessor. 

Stories of batteries possibly getting smaller are hardly encouraging, especially in Samsung phones which have – in the past – struggled to match competitor battery life. 

However, it’s claimed that the S22 and S22+ will both perform to similar levels to the S21 and S21+ thanks to the introduction of a more energy efficient OLED display.

In fact, they may even last longer if the panel lives up to its promise of 25 per sent energy savings. There’s also the possibility that a new processor could mean less power used too, depending on its architecture. 

Whether or not these rumours turn out to be true is another matter entirely. But if Samsung uses a more efficient screen and a more efficient processor, there’s a good chance we won’t notice any negative effects of a smaller battery. It just doesn’t look great on a spec sheet. 

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