Samsung Galaxy S22 won’t have an under-display camera says tips

(Pocket-lint) – With Samsung’s summer product launch now behind us, eyes can start looking forwards again to what’s coming next. And it appears news of the Galaxy S22 series of phones is now surfacing. 

According to one source on Twitter the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will continue using a punch-hole for its front-facing camera, rather than adopt the under-display camera (UDC/UPC) used by the Galaxy Fold 3.  

The rumour comes from frequent tipster on Twitter – @UniverseIce – who says it will use the same selfie camera design as the S21. That means it’s likely to stay in the centre, right near the top of the display. 

For some it may be a disappointment that Samsung isn’t pushing for the more innovative technology in its flagship phone series. However, current implementation of under-display cameras is hardly perfect. 

There are a couple of issues with the under-display cameras we’ve seen in released products so far. Firstly, image quality from the camera isn’t great. That’s down to it being covered by a not-completely-transparent display panel. 

Secondly, it seems no company has yet found a way to completely hide it within the display, at least not on a released device. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3 shows a visible area where the camera sits under the screen. 

Given that the S-series is the mainstream range of phones from Samsung, it makes a lot more sense to keep the breakthrough, new technologies in its much more innovative and futuristic phone ranges. 

Its folding phones are – by their very nature – cutting edge, and so it’s another way to keep that Z line of phones distinct from the more traditional Galaxy S series. 

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