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In a bid to strengthen their position and recapture the market that they once dominated, Samsung is working on two new budget smartphones. The new smartphones will be targeted toward countries like India, where mid-range smartphones have captured a majority of the market share.

Samsung planning to launch new budget phones (2)

There was once a time when Samsung dominated the Indian smartphone market. However, as of now, they are the second-largest smartphone maker in terms of market share in India. Ever since Xiaomi and its portfolio of devices made their debut in India, they have simply dominated the market.

The two new smartphones that the South Korean tech giant is working on, are likely to come to the Indian market as the Galaxy A04 and the Galaxy A13s.

The Galaxy A13s is expected to be a refreshed variant of the Galaxy A13 LTE, which was recently released in March. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A04 could be an inferior model to the Galaxy A04s.

Samsung planning to launch new budget phones

The Galaxy A04 and A13s carry model numbers SM-A045F and SM-A137F, respectively. Although there is no reliable information as to the kind of hardware users will get to see on the new devices, they will be powered by Samsung’s own Exynos chipset.

There are also reports to suggest that Samsung will not be manufacturing these devices at their Indian factory in Noida, but will be outsourcing them to their manufacturing partners in China and Taiwan.

Samsung recently launched a number of devices under their Galaxy A series in India. These include devices like the A13, A23, A33 5G, A53 5G, A73 5G. The A-series at present starts Rs 19499. The two new devices are likely to undercut the existing range.

Given that Samsung plans to introduce these devices in the mid-range segment, the devices are likely to be equipped with an HD display, and a humongous battery, that would ensure great battery life. Samsung is like to launch the devices in India by the end of August this year.

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