Samsung leak reveals Galaxy Z Fold 4 wider, shorter display

(Pocket-lint) – It appears – probably in an effort to make the outer cover display more practical and useful – that Samsung is changing the aspect ratio of its next Galaxy Z Fold’s screens. 

A couple of recent leaks from a relatively prolific source on Twitter shows how the outer and inner displays have been changed for the new model. 

With the device appearing to be slightly shorter and wider from the front, it appears Samsung’s cover display won’t be as narrow and long as before. There’s not a huge difference, but it could be enough to make that display more convenient to use. 

Due to this change, the inner folding display appears to be wider than it is tall, making it appear closer to being square shape. One could argue this is also more practical in that it makes certain split-screen scenarios better.

However, with it looking like it’s a wider display, that may make typing on it a bit less convenient. The two tweets come from @UniverseIce, who is often found leaking phone details ahead of launches, and is often correct. 

Without seeing this unannounced device in person, it’s hard to say exactly how different the experience might be. And, while the changes should make it more practical, it likely won’t mean we find it has Oppo Find N levels of easy one-handed use and pocketability. 

For those hoping the next Fold has a larger battery, there’s some bad news here too. Following up on his display size tweets, the tipster also shared battery specs and stated that the Fold 4 will have the same 4400mAh battery as its predecessor. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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