Samsung opts out from including this handy Android feature on the Galaxy S23

It is widely determined by now that more people are starting to keep their phones for lengthier periods before upgrading to a newer model. With that trend in mind, phone manufacturers have increased the number of major software updates they roll out, with the flagship handsets usually receiving support the longest.

Given that software updates are more important than ever, it is only natural to make the process of updating to a newer version less of a hassle for the user. In 2016 we saw a new approach to this essential part of owning a phone in the form of something called Seamless Updates, and today there are a number of phones that support this feature like the Google Pixel 7 series for example.

What is Seamless Updates?

Seamless Updates, also referred to as A/B partition updates, is a way of updating your phone’s software without having to wait for the installation process to finish. In other words, you can keep using your phone while the new update is being installed in the background.

This approach is possible with devices that have two copies of partitions — an active and inactive one. The active one is used for operating the device, while the inactive partition is where the update is being installed in the background. When the installation has finished, all the user has to do is reboot and voila, no waiting for that loading bar anymore!

Samsung skips on Seamless Updates with the Galaxy S23

Despite the fact that A/B updates have been a thing since 2016, Samsung is yet to introduce it to its phones. It seems the company has opted yet again to exclude this option with its latest flagship lineup, the Galaxy S23 series. This was discovered and shared on Twitter by Nicolas La Rocco from Computer Base. (via AndroidAuthority)

Still, this is a small setback for the amazing piece of tech that is the new Galaxy S23 lineup, so we are not talking about a deal breaker here!

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