Samsung’s snazzy Galaxy Z Flip 3 could start at an even lower price than previously rumored

Samsung's snazzy Galaxy Z Flip 3 could start at an even lower price than previously rumored

Despite the considerably poorer reviews earned by the original Galaxy Z Flip last year compared to the much more refined Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, it’s objectively hard not to get excited about Samsung’s next-gen Android flip phone.

But Samsung might be working on an even cheaper 4G LTE-only version for a commercial rollout at some point “later” this year. Rumored just once before today, this downgraded model completely fell off our radar, which made us assume it would end up suffering the same fate as the Z Flip Lite.
While a cancellation largely caused by the highly publicized chip shortage that’s reportedly hurting everyone from Intel to Qualcomm, Samsung, and Apple is not to be ruled out, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 4G does have a chance of eventually seeing daylight, at least in select global markets.
Before getting too excited, cash-strapped foldable enthusiasts stateside may want to remember the 4G LTE-only Galaxy S20 FE model was never released around these parts, and although the two phones are in no way related, something tells us the same will be true for the Z Flip 3 even if the latest rumor out of Korea does pan out.
Incredibly enough, the sub-$1,000 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is expected to pack a state-of-the-art Snapdragon 888 processor while sporting a familiar 6.7-inch primary screen with upgraded 120Hz refresh rate support and an expanded 1.8-inch or so cover display.

We can only imagine how stupendously affordable the same handset could end up in the US simply by ditching 5G speeds, which wouldn’t even be that big of a sacrifice for many prospective buyers. In the short run, that is, because 5G networks are likely to grow at a faster and faster pace over the next few years.

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