Savvy couple sell £2 charity shop item for £220 and turn idea into own business

A bargain-loving couple have made a fortune by reselling charity shop items.

Dexter Burgess-Hunt and Sophy Grattidge started rifling through second hand products as a hobby.

They sold their finds on Depop to make some extra cash, including a Louis Vuitton wallet for £2 that fetched an impressive £220.

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Then when the pandemic hit in 2020, the pair decided to quit their retail jobs to focus on their business.

They’ve since launched their own vintage clothing store, called Sylk, in Manchester.

Sophy, 28, told Manchester Evening News: “We started on Depop so we were selling on there as a bit of a hobby alongside our full-time jobs.

“We were doing that for quite a few years on and off when we were living in London.

“We moved back to Manchester and Covid hit at that time. We had always thought about [running the business] full time, but we never had that boost to take the plunge.”

Business is booming for the couple, with Sophy adding: “We get a lot of compliments from people saying how curated our store is.

“If you go to a lot of vintage stores in Manchester, it’s a lot of American sportswear. It’s very mixed, whereas ours is very curated; people know what they’re coming for. We think that’s something that is missing from Manchester vintage stores.”

Dexter and Sophy now find their stock by bulk-buying from a wholesaler – as they no longer have time to thrift through charity shops for their items themselves.

“At the moment, we’ve just hired our first member of staff which is amazing,” Sophy added.

“Growing the team is something we’re interested in and we want to re-launch the website.

“We’ve just launched on two more platforms and we’ve potentially spoken about having a shop in the future, that’s something we would both like.”


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