SAYA Light transformable lighting system uses laser-cut panels that cast gorgeous shadows » Gadget Flow

Change the way you light up your home with the SAYA Light transformable lighting system. Each model has the option to use laser cut wood panels, which cast beautiful shadow patterns, as well as acrylic panels, which create warm diffused light. Either way, each and every panel offers customization options so you can set preferred lighting in any direction. Made with recycled wood and strong materials, it illuminates your space with unique geometric light arrays and warm light. Sure to brighten any space, SAYA comes in 4 models: SINAR Futura, SINAR Tesselate, SINAR Arrow, and SINAR Linez. The panel options include wood with acrylic, wood only, or acrylic only. So you can customize your lighting any way you wish. Overall, pair multiple together for stunning room accents and beautiful light arrays.

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