Schatzii TX3 sports performance mask has an ergonomic design with 3 protective layers » Gadget Flow

Ensure you breathe clean air with the Schatzii TX3 sports performance mask. This comfortable mask has an ergonomic design and 3-layer construction to keep you safe. Furthermore, its built-in dual-speed micro fan lets you breathe refreshing air all day. In fact, you can even wear this mask during strenuous workouts without having a hard time breathing. You’ll never want another mask after donning the TX3, which avoids buildup of heat, moisture, and CO2. Providing unobstructed airflow, its Breathe Easy technology ensures all-day comfort. Moreover, it uses breathable hypoallergenic fabric that is lightweight, non-irritating, and comfortable as well as reusable and washable. It uses a HEPA filter to eliminate harmful particles such as smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, and more.

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