Seagate: 22TB and 24TB HDDs Launching Soon, 30+TB HAMR Follows in Q3

Seagate plans to radically increase capacity of its range-topping hard drives this year. In Q1 or Q2 the company intends to introduce 22TB and 24TB HDDs based on its latest platform, but already in the third quarter Seagate is set to release the industry’s first hard drive featuring its heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology with a capacity of over 30TB.

30TB HAMR HDD Is Nearly Here, 50TB Is on Horizon

Seagate has been pinning loads of hopes on HAMR for a long time and has been shipping HAMR-based HDDs to select customers for evaluation for several years now.  The company will release its first mass-market hard drives featuring its 2nd generation HAMR platform in the third quarter, the company said at its earnings call this week. 

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