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NEW DELHI: Restrictions have been lifted in many states. People are thronging malls and markets. Some have even booked getaways to the hills.
With a drastic improvement in the Covid situation in India, things have started appearing somewhat normal after weeks of turmoil and tragedy caused by the second wave of the pandemic.

But this does not mean that India is completely out of the woods yet.
Despite being on the tail end of the second Covid wave, India recorded more cases than any other nation in June. This, even as experts are warning of an early third wave with people stepping out again after weeks of staying indoors.
Here’s an analysis of the recent Covid situation in India …
India still largest global contributor

Daily infections in India may have fallen to 1/8th of the peak numbers in May, but the country is still contributing heavily to the global caseload. Although, the share of its cases has now come down drastically.
So far in June, India’s Covid cases account for 22.2% of the global share of infections — the highest by any country.
However, compared to the situation in April and May, when Covid cases had skyrocketed in India, the share is now much less.
In April, India accounted for nearly 31% of all global infections whereas in May, its contribution shot up to almost 46%.

Similarly, India’s share of global deaths rose to nearly 32% in May when it reported over 1.20 lakh Covid fatalities.

The recent dip in daily new cases in India has brought down the global case trajectory as well.
The graph above shows that India’s cases were nearly half of the global case count on May 6, when daly numbers touched an all-time high of 4.14 lakh.
With a constant decline in India’s cases, the global caseload fell below the 3-lakh mark on June 20.
Brazil gradually overtaking India

Overall, India has recorded more infections than Brazil in the month of June.
But recent data shows that Brazil — the third worst-hit nation in terms of cases — reported more infections than India on five out of the last seven days.

In fact, the South American nation overtook India to account for more global infections in the last week than any other country.
In the last 7 days, Brazil’s share of total global infections stood at 20.5% while India’s was at 17.5%.
Moreover, while India’s testing rate continues to remain high, Brazil’s spotty testing and irregular data have made it difficult to capture the actual Covid situation in the country.

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