Segway Ninebot S Kids children’s self-balancing vehicle has safe, protective engineering » Gadget Flow

Get your child the Segway Ninebot S Kids children’s self-balancing vehicle and rest assured that they’ll be safe. While it provides a ton of fun, this kid’s personal vehicle also has integrated safety engineering. In fact, it offers real-time riding protection reminders and has an easy-to-ride design. Kids will get speeding reminders, reversing reminders, super power reminders, and low-battery reminders. Furthermore, it boasts ambient light safety and has a top speed of 8.7 miles per hour with an 8-mile range. Kids can climb hills with a 15% grade and enjoy a road-adaptive vehicle. What’s more, it connects to the app for remote control, personalization, lighting settings, and upgrades. Finally, there are 3 riding modes—safe, novice, and sports—for all kinds of users.

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