Showerspecs shower glasses have an anti-fog coating so you see while you wash up » Gadget Flow

See everything clearly while you shower with the Showerspecs shower glasses. These glasses actually feature a double spun anti-fog coating, which keeps the shower steam from fogging up your specs. They also have a hydrophobic layer that repels water droplets by reducing the surface tension of the lens. What’s more, these spectacles even come with a shower hook so you can keep them right where you need them. And using these lenses is easy. Simply start your shower and take your frames in with you. The lenses will immediately fog, but you’ll rub dry fingers across the outside and inside of the lenses. Next, you’ll put the glasses on and have dry glasses that last your entire shower. Moreover, these glasses feature grade-A acetate frames and 5-barrel riveted stainless steel for the hinges, so they’re quite durable. Now, you can finally see all your shampoos and conditioners.

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