Siaya Senator Orengo chides Mwendwa for Gor Mahia, AFC Leopards penalties

The local giants found themselves at wrangles with the local FA after failing to turn up for a game in Thika

Siaya County Senator James Orengo has criticised Nick Mwendwa’s Football Kenya Federation for fining Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards a combined Ksh10 million for skipping the Premier League’s Mashemeji Derby in July.

AFC Leopards were ordered to pay Ksh6 million for they were supposed to be the home team, while Gor Mahia were fined Ksh4 million and their chairmen, Ambrose Rachier and Dan Shikanda were provisionally suspended. 

Additionally, the local giants were docked three points each and Orengo, who was speaking in Gem, Siaya county during Rachier’s brother burial, likened Gor Mahia to the government and said Mwendwa’s leadership has failed.

Mass Movement

“How do you even fine Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards? Fining Gor Mahia which is a mass movement, is like trying to fine the government. Where were you born to try to fine the government?” asked the senator in a video posted by former Tusker star Sammy Shollei.

“Our players were being recruited by big clubs in Europe and in the Middle East, and football is a big industry in the world. Fifa’s budget is bigger than Kenya’s and we can not let it go down.
“Rachier has done a good job for Gor Mahia. He has done us proud by building Gor Mahia because the club is a movement. 

“I am saying this without any fear of contradiction that the current leadership in football is not doing us a good job it has failed and, on top of that, it was not just sentencing and fining Gor Mahia, they also fined our ‘shemejis’ AFC Leopards. If you are killing these two clubs, where are you taking football in this country? 

AFC Leopards vs Gor Mahia derby.

“So, Peter Kenneth [former FKF president, then called Kenya Football Federation], you need to sit down with Rachier and tell him what you do in Kenyan football. That is one thing I said I must say it here because Rachier is a great leader in football and has kept Gor Mahia going.

“Leading a football club is not easy, it is very complicated, and keeping successful leadership in football, like Rachier has for many years, is not easy.”

On his part, Kenneth joked that self-proclaimed Gor Mahia number one fan Jaro Soja was capable of dealing with the ‘small Mwendwa issue’: “[Jaro] Soja can handle Mwendwa on the streets, let us not waste time talking about it. We do not want to make it look so big,” the former Gatanga Member of Parliament said.

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