Signs point way to Texas border as VP Kamala Harris visits S.C. on vaccination tour

Vice President Kamala Harris was met by protesters offering her directions to the southern border on Monday as she embarked on the first day of her nationwide COVID-19 vaccination tour in South Carolina.

In Greenville, Ms. Harris’ motorcade drove past demonstrators holding signs that said “Border is That Way” and “Trump won.” En route to her second stop, the vice president passed protesters shouting “go to Texas” and holding signs that said, “Trump is still our Prez.”

Ms. Harris, who is leading the administration’s effort to stop the surge of illegal migrants, said after a trip to Central America last week that she will visit the border eventually.

The vice president urged South Carolinians to get their vaccinations, saying it will protect their whole community.

“This act in a way is a projection of ‘love thy neighbor,’” she said.

South Carolina NAACP Conference President Brenda Murphy thanked Ms. Harris for visiting the state.

“We are privileged as members of this state to have her here with us today,” Ms. Murphy said.


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