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Look your best with help from the Skin Inc Trilight Body Sculpt Fit skin-firming gadget. This 4-in-1 beauty device smooths, lifts, detoxes, and enhances. Use the Lift mode to firm sagging skin around the neck and chin. This mode also helps with lines and wrinkles. Also, the Glow Mode gives you the appearance of a full workout thanks to microcurrent, green LED light therapy, and microvibration technologies. These features promote lymphatic circulation and detoxification, targeting unwanted pigmentation, dullness, and stretch marks. What’s more, Smooth Mode helps combat bacteria and improves elasticity with red and blue LED lights. Additionally, Heat Mode improves your mood with a 108°F warm touch. Like a hot stone massage, it melts stress away and promotes sleep. Finally, with automatic shutdown for temperature control and idle use, this is a worry-free skin-firming gadget.

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