Sky Glass streaming smart TV has Sky inside so you can stream everything over Wi-Fi » Gadget Flow

Get your favorite channels, shows, and apps without having to install a dish or box with the Sky Glass streaming smart TV. This high-tech gadget has Sky inside streamed over Wi-Fi with a 10 Mbps minimum download speed. And with voice command, you can access an entire world of TV easily. In fact, it lets you find shows quickly, creates playlists, and provides intelligent recommendations based on your interests. Meanwhile, you can pay for this TV like your smartphone in flexible payments. What’s more, with Ultra HD and Quantum Dot technology, this TV produces over 1 billion colors. Moreover, the 360-degree Dolby Atmos audio delivers cinematic sound. Furthermore, this TV series comes in three sizes: Small 43″, Medium 55″ and Large 65″. Additionally,  available in 5 rich colors, your TV has never looked so good. Finally, Sky Glass is a CarbonNeutral product.

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