Sky now offers Gigafast broadband with up to 900 Mbps speeds

(Pocket-lint) – Sky has launched its fastest broadband package yet, offering speeds of up to 900 Mbps.

Gigafast is a full fibre package and is 25 times faster than Sky’s Superfast 35 plan. It can reach speeds just shy of a full gigabit and while that might not happen in all user cases, Sky guarantees a minimum speed of 600 Mbps.

Basically, if your speeds drop below that, it will give you that month’s subscription fee back.

The Wi-Fi router it comes with is capable of connecting to up to 120 devices at once.

Sky’s Gigafast broadband is available to all new and existing customers and is priced at £55 per month on an 18-month contract.

“With game changing speeds that are 25x faster than our standard fibre, Sky Broadband Gigafast offers Wi-Fi hungry homes the ability to connect lots of devices at any one time, delivered through our reliable network with award-winning customer service,”  said Sky Broadband’s director of propositions, Aman Bhatti.

Sky also offers a Broadband Boost plan where, for an extra £5 per month, you get guaranteed Wi-Fi signal in each room or your money back. Engineer fees will be free and you will get daily line checks.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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