Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too Review: A Feature-Packed Automatic Litter Box

At 30 decibels, the Loo Too is nearly silent when it does its thing. That said, my cats do seem to hear and run toward it when it cleans, but if it weren’t for them, I’d have no idea. If you’re sensitive to noise, there’s a night mode so it doesn’t rotate during bedtime.

The biggest struggle I had? Being able to easily pour new litter into it due to the relatively small entry hole. But once I switched from a box to a jug, it made things a lot easier.

The Cat’s Meow

Photograph: Medea Giordano

I’d never used a self-cleaning litter box before—other WIRED reviewers have and loved them. I knew they were typically huge spaceship-like devices, but thankfully, the Leo’s Loo Too is not overwhelming. It’s bigger than a simple litter pan. I live in an apartment and I don’t mind this litter box being out on display. It has a modern look to it that gives off Jetson’s vibes but I don’t have to worry about it taking off and hovering around the room. I also love the green accents, which matched well with my faux plants (other accent choices include pink, blue, or grey).

It comes in a really big box, but that means it’s easy to put together because most of the work is already done. The white base and top snap together around the internal drum that holds the litter. The drum is pretty light, so when it’s time to clean it you can pick it right up. Use soap and water for the drum, but stick to a vacuum for the rest so you don’t damage the mechanical parts.

One other thing to consider: the barrel is cramped. I can tell that Huxley, at 12 pounds, is a bit limited with his movements when he’s in it. My other cat Eely-Rue, on the other hand, is 6 pounds and can turn around comfortably and do her business as she pleases. I recommend keeping another litter box you know they like nearby in the beginning, just in case your cat isn’t OK with the size (I also keep an open box in another room for when they just aren’t feeling it). I wish the Leo’s Loo Too had a step, but it’s not so high off the ground and most cats should be able to get into it. 

Safety First

Photograph: Smarty Pear

A machine with a UV and mechanical cleaning mechanism might sound dangerous—especially when you’re not around. Thankfully, there are a few safety measures. There are four weight sensors inside the barrel to detect when a cat is still inside. It needs just one pound of weight to detect so that works for all but the littlest of kittens (they probably wouldn’t be able to jump into it anyway). 

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