Snowbot S1 smart snow blower robot features smart mapping & navigation for hands-free use » Gadget Flow

Clear more than 99 percent of snow in your area with the Snowbot S1 smart snow blower robot. Engineered with an array of features, this robot offers an autonomous navigation system and an advanced positioning algorithm to automatically plan its cleaning path. It also comes with a remote controller to customize an area to suit your preferences. Moreover, the Snowbot S1 is powerful enough to remove snow as deep as 12 inches from your yard or driveway. And the rubber-tipped auger picks up snow from the ground and into the housing. You needn’t worry about this smart snow blower robot slipping in the snow. Thanks to the Sprint Snow Removal mode, it moves back and goes forward at a higher speed to continue collecting snow. Finally, its 360-degree rotatable chute can throw the snow away in any direction to create an evenly distributed snow pile.

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