SodaStream Terra sparkling water maker lets you control your fizz level manually » Gadget Flow

Carbonate up to 60 liters of sparkling water with the SodaStream Terra sparkling water maker. Helping you to remain in control of the end result, it lets you control your fizz level at the press of a button. So, instead of the One Touch—which comes with pre-set levels—you can stop and start the machine for the desired amount of fizz in your water. Moreover, the SodaStream Terra boasts Quick Connect CO2 technology for fast, one-click cylinder insertion for ease. This function is great for busy parents or filling up your bottle with water in little time. Furthermore, this gadget remains compact and sleek with a wider carbonating button for a user-friendly design. Finally, it’s compatible with 0.5-liter and 1-liter bottles.

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