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Solar Panels Boost Home Value by 56%, Study Shows

Solar Panels Boost Home Value by 56%, Study Shows | Realtor Magazine

Homes with solar panels tend to list 56% above the average home price, according to a new analysis from, a home improvement resource. Solar paneled homes tend to cost an average of $680,000—about 48% more than the average home in a given area, the study shows.

Solar homes tend to be more attractive in certain markets. For example, solar-powered homes tend to come at the highest premium in Pensacola, Fla., in which they tend to be three and a half times the average home price in the city, the study finds.

“Unlike swimming pools, there seems to be a statistical consensus that solar panels do add value to their home,” the study notes.

A separate study from The Solar Nerd found that solar installation can add up to $56,000 to the value of the home.

Chart of solar panel costs

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