Sony Introduces First PS5 Revision With “Cheaper” Construction

Sony’s first revision of the PlayStation 5 is out, with the model number CFI-1100 featuring lighter construction thanks to a redesigned heatsink. This has caused many to speculate that the new changes will degrade PlayStation 5’s performance. However, Richard Leadbetter from Digital Foundry has debunked any notion of performance problems from testing his own CFI-1100 unit.

This whole story started when tech journalist Austin Evans got his hands on the CFI-1100 and broke the unit down to see what the major changes were. He found that the unit was 300 grams lighter than the original, and this was caused by a completely redesigned heatsink with less mass. The heatsink changes include a full replacement of all copper metal with aluminum and fewer heatsink fins overall. But the unit has a newer, quieter, more powerful fan to compensate (presumably) for the reduced heatsink mass.

PS5 CFI-1100 Teardown

(Image credit: YouTube – Austin Evans)

Austin also measured the PS5’s exhaust temperature and noticed a 5C increase in temps compared to the original, giving users more reason to think this new model will be less powerful or more prone to overheating.

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