SpeedKore Adds Carbon Fiber Touch To Plymouth Superbird Project

There are a great number of muscle car fans who are adamant that Mopar was responsible for crafting the greatest cars in the segment during the 1960s and 1970s. And while there are clearly arguments to be made here, it’s hard to argue against the iconic status of some of these vehicles. Whether it be a 1970 Dodge Challenger or the 1969 Charger, few muscle cars have shown such cultural staying power. That said, there are two Mopar models that truly stand above the rest. We are of course talking about the 1969 Charger Daytona and the 1970 Plymouth Superbird. Genuine homologation specials, both of these  NASCAR machines are unrivaled in their presence. It is no surprise then that a customer might want to recreate one of these vehicles with a little help from SpeedKore.

Thanks to a new report from The Drive, we have information on such a project.

According to The Drive, an unnamed shop reached out to SpeedKore for some help with a Plymouth Superbird build. More specifically, the shop asked for the Wisconsin-based builders’ help with manufacturing some carbon fiber bits. This is no surprise, considering SpeedKore has made a name for themselves in the custom vehicle world due to their expertise in this production method. The shop wanted SpeedKore to help craft the iconic nose of the Plymouth Superbird out of pre-impregnated carbon, and they’ve done just that.

You can peak at the images of this nose piece here.

SpeedKore Dodge Demon
Image Via SpeedKore.

The Plymouth Superbird was released as a followup to the Charger Daytona, and received a few engineering changes based on the learnings from that project. It has long been rumored that this car was designed exclusively as an attempt to get Richard Petty to resign with Plymouth for the 1970 season, after he jumped ship and headed over to Ford the season prior. Petty did come back, and would go on to win eight races in the insane looking Mopar. Rule changes after the 1970 season effectively ended the era of aero-cars, preserving these vehicles’ place in history.

While SpeedKore won’t be involved with the rest of the Superbird build, we can’t wait to learn more about it. That said, there really isn’t any more information we can share with you at this time. Considering the effort that is already taking place however, expect something truly worthy of the Superbird nameplate. And of course, a honking Hemi V8 will surely find its way under the hood, just as the Mopar gods intended.

Richard Petty's Plymouth Superbird Mopar muscle cars
Image Via Mecum Auctions.

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