Spoilers: Mel’s sex secrets and Amy turns to polyamory in Neighbours

Lots of skeletons are about to come out of the closets in Neighbours as Mel’s (Lucinda Cowden) sex secret is revealed and Ned (Ben Hall) makes a saucy confession in Neighbours.

Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is flummoxed as to why Melanie isn’t managing to find a new job, but when her CV throws up some questions, Susan (Jackie Woodburne) gets on the case, uncovering a huge sex secret that Toadie is definitely not ready for.

Ned and Levi (Richie Morris) are still competing over Amy (Jacinda Stapleton), but Ned confesses to the couple that he wants to stop competing and give something else a try. How will the others take to his kinky suggestion?

David’s (Takaya Honda) on a dangerous slope this week after attacking Leo (Tim Kano). He’s about to reveal another side to himself that Karl (Alan Fletcher) witnesses, and it could cost him his job.

Elsewhere, Harlow’s (Jemma Donovan) got a cunning plan up her sleeve and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is struggling with a painful reminder of the past.

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Will Chloe cross the line?

With Nicolette gone, Chloe is free to find out how she really feels. Leo is ready and willing to explore their connection, but as he goes to make the move, cold, hard reality suddenly takes hold of her. She pulls away, realising that she’s skirting the edge of disaster. It’s Nic she wants and it’s time to get her back.

David spirals

After revealing his hidden violent streak by punching his brother in a fit of rage, it’s all downhill for David. As he desperately tries to search for Nicolette and his baby, he turns to her obstetrician for some answers. When he gets nowhere, and with his mixed emotions bubbling up, he loses it once again at the undeserving doctor. Karl witnesses this and realises he has to intervene – telling David he needs to take a break from work. David crawls home with his tail between his legs, but when Aaron finds out what’s happened, he loses it himself. He can’t cope with David going off the rails on top of their baby going missing and Chloe’s betrayal.

Amy is having her cake and eating it

Levi and Ned are battling to win Amy’s affections, with Ned left pulling out the big guns after Levi arranges an incredible date for her. Amy is loving the attention, blissfully unaware the two men are

feeling more for her than she’s feeling for them. Roxy and Kyle let her in on the fact and she’s pleasantly surprised. But she’s in for a bigger shock. Ned is fed up of the competition and devises an unexpected plan – he calls Levi and Amy together and poses a suggestion, that they give polyamory a go. Levi is surprisingly keen, but is it too much for Amy?

Painful memories dredged up for Terese

Harlow wants to mend bridges between Jesse, Terese and Paul, so she calls a meeting. Jesse is desperate to apologise, but when Terese sees him she’s hit by the memories of Josh. Saddened, Harlow realises this means she has to let Jesse go. But will she be able to?

Aaron tries to make amends

Aaron’s world is crumbling around him, with Nic and the baby gone and David fast becoming someone he doesn’t recognise. He needs some support himself, and his feelings thaw towards Chloe. He reaches out to her, not ready to forgive, but wanting to save their relationship before things go too far. It’s a tentative step, but the two are on their way to a reconciliation. But will she be supporting him through a marriage break up?

Mel’s hiding something

Toadie is annoyed for Mel that she’s struggling to find work, but when he catches a look at her CV, he can see why – there’s barely anything there, she hasn’t mentioned any of the huge law firms she’s worked for. He shares this with Susan who goes on the hunt for the gossip, which she gleans from Karl. He reveals Mel once had a messy affair with her boss. The gossip gets leaked and Hendrix and Sheila find out the truth too. This sees Susan is panicking that the whole street will find out Melanie’s secret and it’ll get back to Toadie, and it’s all her fault for probing. But she won’t stop there – Susan decides she needs to know more and starts having a rummage into Mel’s past.

She comes across Dr Anna Buke form Mel’s past and they arrange to meet up. But from the meeting Susan is burdened with some deep dark secrets that are quite frankly none of her business. What does she do with them? Tell Toadie and ruin the best thing he’s had since Sonya, or keep it to herself to protect him but run the risk of him one day finding out she knew all along?

Harlow muscles in on Chloe’s job

Paul has afforded Harlow a lot more power in Chloe’s absence, but now that Chloe has decided to leave the vineyard and come back to Lassiters, she knows she’s about to lose her footing in the family business. But flakey Chloe plays right into her hands when she ditches work over a family problem giving Harlow the opportunity to step up to the plate. She’s making a name for herself, and it won’t go unnoticed by Paul and Terese.

Scenes air from Monday August 23 on Channel 5.

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