SSC Tuatara Little Brother Project Will Require A New Manufacturing Plant

Hot off of a 295-mile-per-hour personal record, SSC has announced that it is building a second factory that will spawn a smaller, second model sports car.

In speaking with Motor Authority, SCC Founder and CEO Jerod Shelby said that SSC plans to break ground on the new production facility in 2024, which will build the Tuatara’s “Little Brother”.

It’s pretty easy to be a little brother to a vehicle with 1,861 horsepower like the Tuatara, but the new vehicle will still feature plenty of performance. With a mid-engined layout and a similar exterior appearance to the Tuatara, the second model will feature between 700 and 800 horsepower coming from a naturally aspirated V8, which we aren’t sure will be related to the 5.9-liter Nelson Racing unit.

SSC Tutara Rear Assembly Nelson Racing Engines Engine
Image via SSC

The vehicle will have a price tag between $400,000 and $500,000, which is a damn sight more affordable than the $1.95 million Tuatara. That amount of savings means that we’re not going to get a vehicle that can break speed records but will still be able to impress behind the wheel.

SSC plans to have the Little Brother ready for production in 2025 and will build 500 examples through 2028. The brand needs more space for the second model as the current facility is busy building 125 Tuataras.

In order to build the vehicle, Shelby is still looking to secure outside investments from private automotive enthusiasts, rather than tap investment firms or banks for the capital.

The 295 mph run was a personal best for the brand, but technically not a record as the Tuatara would need to complete two simultaneous runs and set an average speed for an official speed. There’s likely more in the car, it’s just a matter of finding enough space to let the SSC Tuatara run free.

SSC Tuatara Top Speed Run 295 MPH
Image via SSC North America

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