Stacey Solomon’s sister Jemma reveals the pair have organisation ’embedded’ in them from childhood

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Jemma Solomon has revealed that her and Stacey have organisation ’embedded’ in them after growing up with very tidy parents.

The sister of mum-to-be Stacey, 31, who recently revealed how Stacey had ‘no idea’ about gorgeous the baby shower at £1.2million home, has given an insight into how she keeps her home in tip-top condition while juggling three children and her own business.

Jemma, 33, who shares children Darcy, eight, Mila, six, and Hudson, three, with husband Lee, 36, described how she and Stacey ‘both have big families’ and are ‘never in one place at one time’ meaning organisation in their home makes their everyday lives ‘easier’.

Speaking exclusively to OK!, Jemma, who runs custom vinyl business, The Label Lady, described how the sisters grew up in an organised home with their parents Fiona and David Solomon.

Asked if she has always been super tidy, Jemma said: “I think it is something that we [Stacey and I] kind of grew up with and probably without even realising!

“For example, I laugh about my dad with the dishwasher and how he would say to us: ‘Nope! That plate is out of place therefore you are banned from that job now!’

“Even our mum has always been very good with putting things in the right place. She loved organising all of our Lego and stuff like that so we would always have the people in one bit and the plants in another bit so I guess that they may have embedded itself inside of us!”

Jemma, who has partnered with Bosch on their new campaign to help reduce food waste, has also shared her tips on how keeping her fridge, which she described as a ‘focal point’ in her kitchen, super organised.

Sharing her top tips with OK!, she said: “Honestly, labelling spaces, tub and pots in in your fridge is the best way to keep foods in order and makes finding and putting away items much easier.

“The labels are durable and waterproof. They can be washed by hand and hold up to prolonged use. When things look pretty, it just motivates you to keep it looking nice.”

Mum-of-three Jemma also revealed how she orders her food by use-by date and places the oldest produce at the front to prevent waste.

Taking a look at Instagram, Stacey and Jemma have given a glimpse inside their fridges and the sisters use clear containers to separate food and prepare meals for the week ahead.

Jemma said: “I love using tubs and drawer dividers to separate foods. These are great for raw meats. It stops accidental spillages and leaks and the potential for contamination to other areas. They are super easy to clean if there is a leak or if you are due a fridge spruce!”

Asked about changing her fridge habits, she continued: “If I see a whole melon in the fridge, I think, ‘that’s too much effort, I’ll cut it up tomorrow.’ I’ve changed the way I unpack my shopping. I immediately cut up fruit and divide into tubs.”

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