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Step Away From The Hard Seltzer, Canned Mimosas Are Here

Forget the hard seltzer. Picnics, beach days, and backyard happy hours are getting a serious upgrade with canned mimosas featuring sustainable Italian wine and organic California orange juice.

From Mayne & Co., the Modern Mimosa re-imagines the mimosa experience by providing the portable and bubbly drink, no mixing required.

“I’m a huge fan of sparkling wine,” says Allie Griswold, who co-founded Mayne & Co. with her brother Scott. “When I think about a mimosa, it’s really the sparkling wine that is the star and then a splash of a really good orange juice.” 

Canned cocktails remain one of the hottest categories of alcoholic beverages. According to Nielsen, the overall category of ready-to-drink cocktails grew at a rate of about 80 percent, from 2019 to 2020. Allie and Scott spent nearly two years coming up with the formula for their mimosas. The mimosas consist of white wine sourced from a cooperative of small sustainable vineyards in Italy and orange juice squeezed from organically grown California oranges. 

“We spent a lot of time thinking about and searching for the right partners that we felt like was a good fit for our product, but also were a good fit for our mission,” says Allie. “Other than the inherent quality of the ingredients, we spent time thinking through the whole end to end process of the farming practices.”

While living as a 20-something in NYC, Allie fine-tuned mixing mimosas while curating brunches for her and her friends. Already an entrepreneur, Allie, who co-founded the Athena Club, saw the potential in a direct-to-consumer cocktail company. 

“I got really into squeezing my own orange juice and I thought why can’t you have a really good wine and this fresh, delicious orange juice taste combined in the can where you really get to appreciate the complexity of the wine,” says Allie.

Inspired by their grandmother, who started her own home healthcare business, Allie and Scott always knew they wanted to go into business together. Still, it wasn’t until Allie served her mimosas at a family gathering that the pair had their “aha moment.”

“The family business aspect was really important to us going in,” says Scott. “We were looking to find an opportunity for both of us to work together in a way that made a lot of sense and let us both work on something that we really care about and are really invested in.”

With a background in the craft beverage space, Scott saw that canned mimosas, similar to craft beers, which provide quality and full-flavored product in a portable way, had the potential to make drinking cocktails more convenient, flavorful and accessible. 

With the launch of The Modern Mimosa behind them, they’re working on growing Mayne and Co. through wholesale partnerships and additional products. They plan on launching a seasonal canned cocktail two or three times a year. 

“It’ll be a constantly rotating series of fun, sustainable ingredients that we’re really passionate about,” said Scott.

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