SUPER73-ZX aluminum eBike features a light aluminum alloy frame and a removable battery » Gadget Flow

Hit the road with power and comfort when you have the SUPER73-ZX aluminum eBike. It boasts an aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy frame that’s lighter and more durable than steel. What’s more, this electric bike is resistant to rust and corrosion. And the cutting-edge 615 Wh removable battery and motor give you 80+ kilometers of range. Best of all, it’s street legal with several riding modes. Additionally, the new ZX seat keeps you more comfortable. Moreover, with a 79 cm seat height and adjustable handlebars, this aluminum eBike accommodates a range of users. Furthermore, with its 10-speed Shimano Zee rear derailleur, you can gear with riding modes and speed levels. So you can adapt your pedaling style to almost any kind of terrain and comfort. Additionally, connectivity with the Super73 app allows you to manage your bike easily. And the turn-by-turn navigation system makes getting to your destination easy.

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