SuperEQ Q2 Pro hybrid ANC Bluetooth headphones has a noise-canceling feed-forward mic » Gadget Flow

Block out background noise when wearing the SuperEQ Q2 Pro hybrid ANC Bluetooth headphones. Designed with a total of four voice-isolating microphones—two mics in each bud—they elevate your voice so you’re heard loud and clear. In fact, the feed-forward and feedback microphone in each earbud can eliminate background noise up to 35 dB. Moreover, it offers three noise control modes: noise canceling on, noise canceling off, and ambient sound. The latter, also known as transparency mode, blocks out irritating background noises, which is great whether you’re on public transportation, indoors, or outdoors. Additionally, their 12 mm large-aperture driver provides extra bass, pristine low mids, crisp treble, and high-fidelity sound. Furthermore, they boast 11 hours of playtime on a single charge and 8 hours with ANC mode on. Finally, you also get another 3 recharges provided by the charging case.

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