Superman Is Still Finding New Ways to Use His Powers

In a preview for DC Comics’ Superman ’78, Superman finds a clever and unique way to use his heat vision – all without blowing his cover.

Spoilers ahead for Superman ’78 #1!

While foiling a purse-snatching attempt, Superman reveals a novel use for his heat vision. In a preview for Superman ’78 #1, on sale August 24 in print and digital, readers learn that the Man of Steel is still finding new and clever ways to use his powers.

Superman ’78 continues the story began by Richard Donner in his landmark Superman film, starring Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman. Many consider it the blueprint for modern superhero films, and Christopher Reeve’s earnest portrayal of the Man of Steel remains definitive. Three sequels followed; the last two are widely reviled by fandom, but the first remains a classic. DC Comics has had great success with similar titles, such as ‘Batman 66, Wonder Woman ’77, and the recently released Batman ’89, and now Superman gets the similar treatment. Just as those books copied the character designs and aesthetics from those landmark shows and movies, Superman ’78 lovingly recreates the feel of the first film and even includes a tribute to Donner, who passed away earlier this year. The first issue is written by Robert Venditti, with art by Wilfredo Torres, colors by Jordie Bellaire, and letters by Dave Lanphear.

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In the preview, Lois and Clark are grabbing a quick breakfast of hot dogs before reporting to work. While Lois places her order, a thief snatches the purse of a woman nearby. Lois is oblivious, but thanks to his super-hearing, Clark notices. Unfortunately, he cannot change into Superman and chase after the purse-snatcher—it is mid-morning and hundreds of people are shuffling through the streets. However, unfazed, Clark lowers his glasses and nails the thief’s shoes with a small burst of heat vision, heating the soles of his shoes up. The thief finds a nearby puddle and stomps his foot in it, cooling it down, and giving the police enough time to apprehend him. Take a look at the preview pages below:

Superman 78 #1 Cover, featuring Superman, Luthor, Lois and Brainiac

Superman uses his heat vision to foil a purse snatching attempt

Part of the appeal of the Richard Donner film is watching Superman use his powers in unique ways, be it catching a bullet meant for Lois or flying around super-fast and traveling back through time. In this instance, Superman needed to be discrete, as there was no way for him to change his outfit without giving himself away. But thanks to Superman’s quick thinking, he was able to nail the crook with just enough heat vision to slow him down, and not hurt him in any major way, and neither Lois nor the other citizens of Metropolis were any the wiser. The scene recalled the charm that ran throughout Superman.

Superman has a fantastic suite of powers, and he is constantly finding new and novel ways to use them, and readers can see one such way in Superman ’78 #1.

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