Superman Just Used His Silliest Superpower To Stop An Entire War

Superman’s super-breath may not be one of his most popular powers, but he just used it to stop a war between Atlantis and the surface world.

Spoilers ahead for Action Comics #1034!

On the surface, Superman’s super-breath may seem like one of his silliest powers, but he just used it to stop an entire war. In Action Comics #1034, on sale now in print and digital, the armies of Atlantis are ready to go to war with the surface world, but thanks to Superman and his super-breath, the two factions cease hostilities.

When Superman first appeared in 1938, his powers were basic, consisting of super strength and the ability to leap really high. As the character developed over the years, these abilities were significantly upgraded, and new ones developed, super-breath being one of them. It wouldn’t be until 1959’s Superman #129 that fans saw Superman’s first using his now-iconic super-breath. As the name implies, super-breath allows the Man of Steel to blow massive amounts of air out of his lungs and more often than not it is used to freeze something. While it may rank as one of Superman’s more oddball powers, it can come in handy, as readers see in Action Comics #1034 when he uses it to avert a potential war between Atlantis and the surface world. The issue is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, with art by Christian Duce, colors by Adriano Lucas and letters by Dave Sharpe.

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An artifact from WarWorld, the hellish, planet-sized domain of Mongul, has fallen into the ocean, and both Atlantean and United States military forces are amassing to retrieve it. The Atlanteans have formed a blockade, and the United States is threatening to break it. Superman, also seeking the artifact, tries to negotiate between the two sides, but neither is listening. Finally, in a last-ditch effort, Superman takes to the skies and, using his super-breath, freezes the water, keeping the Atlantean and US forces from fighting. Once he has their attention, the Man of Steel descends into the depths to retrieve the artifact.

Superman floating above a frozen ocean

While super-breath may not be as versatile as super-strength or flight, it is still a useful power., and averting a potential war is probably its best use to date. While in this case it was done more to grab the attention of the two armies, it can have definite offensive and defensive capabilities as well. For example, in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Superman used his super-breath to destroy Steppenwolf’s ax. Superman has used the super-breath many times to stop a fleeing villain in their tracks, and he has put out countless fires with it as well.

Superman’s super-breath may not be one of his most popular or well-known powers but it comes in handy, especially when the Man of Steel needs to catch a villain or stop a war.

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