Svitch Bike multipurpose foldable eBike has 80 miles of range and 2.5-hour fast charging » Gadget Flow

Ride for as long as you wish with the Svitch Bike multipurpose foldable eBike. This cool eBike has a battery range of up to 80 miles. And its 2.5-hour fast charging capability means it’s ready to go again after just a short break. What’s more, with a top speed of up to 25 miles per hour and 5 modes of pedal assist, it provides a fast, safe commute. Moreover, with its quick acceleration motor power, this foldable eBike helps you keep up with traffic. Plus, the Throttle Drive System lets you cruise effortlessly at 20 miles per hour. Furthermore, with its wide, fat tires, the Svitch Bike is ready for pretty much any kind of terrain, from city commutes to adventure rides. This rugged eBike is also completely foldable for easy storage and portability. So it makes eBiking easy, safe, and fun.

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