T-Force Gaming Confirms Development of Next-Gen DDR5 Memory Modules With Overclocking Support

In a press release, T-Force Gaming, the sister brand of Teamgroup, has confirmed that they have developed the first consumer-grade DDR5 memory modules with overclocking support. News on DDR5 is heating up as we approach the launch of the first-generation platforms from both Intel & AMD that will support DDR5 memory modules later this year.

T-Force Gaming Develops DDR5 Memory Modules With Overclocking Support, Voltages Can Hit Over 2.6V

T-Force confirmed that after completing validation of standard DDR5 U-DIMM & SO-DIMMs, it is now targeting the mainstream consumer desktop platform. The company now confirmed the development of DDR5 memory modules with overclocking support. According to T-Force, they shipped out the first samples to major motherboard partners such as Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, & ASUS for validation on their upcoming products.

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T-Force also states that DDR5 memory has far greater room for voltage adjustment when it comes to overclocking support. This is primarily due to the upgraded power management ICs (PMIC) that allows for voltages over 2.6V. It is also detailed that existing DDR4 memory modules handled their voltage conversion through the motherboard but that changes with DDR5. The components that are required for the voltage conversion are now moved over to the memory DIMM itself, reducing voltage wear and noise generation while simultaneously offering increased room for overclocking.

Following is the press release from T-Force:

Press Release – TEAMGROUP has worked vigorously on the development of next-generation DDR5 memory. After completing validation tests for standard DDR5 U-DIMM and SO-DIMM products with the collaboration of major motherboard manufacturers, TEAMGROUP is announcing an exciting breakthrough today: its T-FORCE brand has successfully created DDR5 overclocking memory. Samples were immediately sent to ASUS, ASRock, MSI, and GIGABYTE for collaborative testing of its overclocking capability. Consumers can expect TEAMGROUP’s products to be fully compatible with motherboards from the four major manufacturers when the DDR5 generation arrives.

The DDR5 overclocking memory has greater room for voltage adjustment, due to its upgraded power management IC. This PMIC can support high frequency overclocking with voltage over 2.6V. In previous generations, voltage conversion was controlled by the motherboard. With DDR5, components were moved to the memory, enabling the module to handle the voltage conversion, which not only reduces voltage wear but also reduces noise generation. This allows significantly increased room for overclocking compared to the past, and more powerful computing processing.

T-FORCE will continue to forge ahead and develop DDR5 memory for various applications. The strong momentum it has built with its brand and technology during the DDR4 era will be carried forward into the future as it continues to explore the overclocking limits of DDR5, achieve performances that eclipse previous generations, and enhance the reliability of its product applications. During this transitory period of DRAM, T-FORCE is an industry leader, planning for future long-term development and providing the most mainstream DDR5 solutions.

We can definitely expect some insane numbers from overclockers running DDR5 memory and we expect LN2 users to break past the 10 GHz limit considering that 6666.6 MHz was already achieved on DDR4 memory.

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