Teen Wolf’s Supernatural Beings Ranked From Least To Most Powerful

The title of the MTV series might have been Teen Wolf, but it didn’t only feature teenage werewolves. Throughout the show, many other shapeshifters made appearances as well as a host of other supernatural beings. From banshees to kitsune to the wild hunt, the series covered a lot of supernatural beings during its six seasons.

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One supernatural creature not on the list? Druids don’t make the list because they aren’t technically supernatural. Though they have a vast knowledge of the supernatural world, the Druids–as the audience learns about them in the series–don’t appear to have any special powers.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on August 26th, 2021: There’s something about Teen Wolf that keeps fans coming back for more. Despite the series ending years ago, fans are still eager for a revival or spinoff series. With the large number of supernatural entities in the series, it would be easy to spotlight new ones or to expand on the creatures that didn’t get as much screen time in the MTV show.

12 Chimeras

Theo And His Chimera Pack In Teen Wolf

While most of the supernatural beings in the series gain their abilities naturally, chimeras, or those human beings in the show with two sets of DNA in their system, are experimented on to give them abilities. Most of them would technically fall under the shapeshifter category, but they have the abilities of some creatures not seen in the show otherwise, like Corey’s chameleon ones.

They aren’t among the strongest Teen Wolf characters because they are, in large part, controlled by the Dread Doctors and not even given the chance to learn how to use their powers. They also tend to be easily stopped by Scott McCall’s pack, Theo himself, and the Doctors.

11 Dread Doctors

Dread Doctors In Teen Wolf

Technically, the Dread Doctors were all human beings who managed to extend their lives. Obsessed with the supernatural, the trio of the surgeon, the pathologist, and the geneticist joined forces to experiment with supernatural creatures.

Their long lives were the result of a werewolf they experimented on, finding a way to use his accelerated healing for themselves. They’ve also found a way to seemingly phase in and out of reality, but certain sonic frequencies stop them in their tracks. While their science causes a lot of problems for Scott McCall’s pack, the Doctors themselves aren’t nearly as powerful as so many of the supernatural creatures in the show.

10 Berserker

Berserker In Teen Wolf

Created from a ritual involving bear bones and furs, berserkers used to be human. Their human side fades away as their animal instincts take over.

Technically speaking, berserkers are physically stronger than creatures like werewolves. That physical strength is the only advantage they have. They’re largely mindless soldiers by the time the animal instincts take over. Kate Argent, a werejaguar, is able to create and control them. Other werejaguars can also sense them coming before they appear, though the reason for the connection is never explained in the series.

9 Shapeshifters

Teen Wolf Shapeshifters Include Werejaguars Werewolves And Skinwalkers

Werewolves might be the most prominent, which makes sense with the Hale family making their home in town, but most of the Teen Wolf supernatural creatures fall into the shapeshifter category. Werejaguars, skinwalkers, wendigos, and sluagh all appear on the show with similar abilities, but they’re all shapeshifters. The sluagh is likely the least powerful of the bunch. They can take on the appearance of lost souls. In their few appearances on the show, however, the audience never sees them exhibit any other abilities or even physical strength. Werewolves, werecoyotes, werejaguars, and wendigos all have similar strength levels and abilities. The werejaguar appears to be the most powerful of the bunch with the ability to create and control their own soldiers.

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Skinwalkers, however, seem to be the most powerful of any shapeshifter on the series. Though the audience doesn’t see much of them, this group has the strength and speed of the other shapeshifters. They’re also able to literally control the earth below them as they open the ground and hide under the surface.

8 Thunder Kitsune

Kira As A Thunder Kitsune In Teen Wolf

In Japanese lore, there are many types of kitsune. Kira and her mother happen to be the thunder type for Teen Wolf

Though a lot of what a kitsune can do isn’t explicitly defined in the series, both Kira and her mother have the ability to manipulate various forms of light and energy. They can even harness the power of lightning. Their power comes from their “tails,” which they can have up to nine of as they grow in strength. Kira’s first tail is symbolized by her sword, but the stronger she became, the more unpredictable her power became also. That’s why they don’t rank higher on the list. Inexperienced kitsune don’t have raw power they can use. They have to learn control first.

7 Oni

Oni In Teen Wolf

The Oni are demons that can be summoned by a more powerful supernatural being. They have no good or evil alignment but are described as “unstoppable” by characters on Teen Wolf.

While that certainly seems to be the case when they take Allison’s life, the fact remains that their actions are not their own. The Oni are summoned and controlled by a powerful kitsune on the series. They can, however, phase through walls and silence banshee screams, which is why they rank just outside of the most powerful creatures. 

6 Kanima

Jackson Retained Kanima Features As A Werewolf In Teen Wolf

Technically, the kanima is a variation of a shapeshifter, but because of the nature of the transformation, and their abilities, they deserve their own spot on the list. A person becomes a kanima when their body unconsciously rejects the bite of the werewolf due to identity issues. In the case of Jackson, it happened because he was unsure of who he was or where he came from. Jackson had to resolve his own issues with his past in order to become a werewolf. 

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That might sound like Jackson wouldn’t have a lot of power as a kanima, but the kanima is stronger and faster than the other shapeshifters. It also has venomous claws and a prehensile tail that can cause paralysis. Those who have been a kanima in the past can even still access that venom and tail as a werewolf later.

5 Hellhound

Jordan Parrish As A Hellhound In Teen Wolf

Hellhounds are a special type of supernatural creature. What the audience gets to see of them in Teen Wolf isn’t their true form. Instead, hellhounds possess the bodies of those who already died.

The best example in the series is Jordan Parrish. Parrish doesn’t actually know he’s a hellhound for a long time, but his body carries out its duties of protecting the supernatural in Beacon Hills. Like another supernatural being, hellhounds can sense death coming. They also work to protect supernatural elements from discovery by destroying any evidence that they existed. Due to their physical stamina, many fan wonder: is a hellhound stronger than an Alpha werewolf? The simplest answer appears to be yes. Unlike most supernatural creatures, they can pass through mountain ash barriers, and they heal much more quickly from serious wounds. They can also withstand an Alpha roar.

4 Banshee

Lydia Uses Her Banshee Scream Offensively In Teen Wolf

It might surprise some Teen Wolf fans to see banshees ranked so high, but if there’s one thing that the series showed us, it’s that a person doesn’t need claws and fangs to be powerful. Banshees, like hellhounds, can sense death coming. In most cases, they can’t do anything about it. As they hone their abilities and increase their power, however, they become better at unraveling their own cryptic visions.

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Banshees can actually cross mountain ash barriers and are immune to many of the supernatural bites and venoms that harm other creatures. That alone makes them pretty durable. Banshees also have one ability that ranks them higher: their scream. Lydia Martin initially uses her scream simply as a warning mechanism, but it can also be used offensively. The scream can be directed to actually push objects and creatures away without Lydia having to get into the middle of a fight.

3 Ghost Riders

Ghost Rider Of The Wild Hunt In Teen Wolf

Like many of the Teen Wolf supernatural creaturesthe ghost riders, or members of the wild hunt, used to be human. They exist outside of the normal dimension, and as a result, it seems a lot of the supernatural rules just don’t apply to them.

The ghost riders are able to enter and exit the normal dimension via their horses. Their abilities allow them to take people from reality and trap them in their train station. The biggest power, however, is their ability to remove people totally from existence. They aren’t just kidnapping people; they’re erasing them. It’s not clear how their power works, but all traces of a person, including all memories of them, vanish when the ghost riders take them. They’re the biggest disrupters of reality in the series.

2 Anuk-ite

Like the kanima, the anuk-ite technically falls under the category of shapeshifter as it is able to change its form. It, however, has one massive power in its favor that makes it one of the strongest Teen Wolf characters.

The creature is able to steal the appearance of someone else, making it blend into the crowd, and it’s also able to literally spread fear. The Anuk-ite, released from a supernatural prison of sorts when the ghost riders are defeated, is able to get into the heads of all of the humans in Beacon Hills. That slight feeling of unease makes humans turn on their supernatural neighbors. Without the anuk-ite’s presence in the series, Gerard wouldn’t have been able to build an army of inexperienced and dangerous hunters. Fear is a powerful motivator, and it makes it one of the scariest creatures in Teen Wolf.

1 Nogitsune

Teen Wolf De-void S3E22

The dark kitsune ranks as the strongest creature in Teen Wolf simply because it has more abilities than any of the others. Despite being a variety of kitsune, it clearly has much more power than both Kira and her mother.

When the nogitsune uses Stiles as a vessel, it exhibits all kinds of new abilities no one else on the show has. He can induce mass hallucinations, travel extremely quickly, feed on negative emotions and chaos, as well as have the increased strength and stamina of a shapeshifter. Other supernatural entities in the series could be subdued in one-on-one fights. It took the combined efforts of all the supernatural creatures present in season three to defeat the nogitsune and save Stiles.

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