Tesla Cybertruck Seen Testing With Just One Wiper Blade

Tesla continues to be a catalyst that is moving the industry forward. And not really for the quality of their products, or their designs, but more about its valuation. After all, the C-suite at General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Stellantis, and others are left blushing when Tesla’s valuation continues to eclipse all of theirs. Combined. It’s always been about that pump, baby. And that pump will continue if the Tesla Cybertruck ever gets around to production.

The Latest On The Tesla Cybertruck

A recent video features the Cybertruck with a massive single windshield wiper resting along the side of the windshield. Growing side panels along the windscreen to fit airbags has created significant blindspots in some cars over the years, and we don’t think the wiper would do anyone any favors when coming around a left turn. Fortunately, though, Elon Musk has confirmed that this is not the windshield wiper that will be used for the production model, in a Tweet.

A More Refined Tesla Cybertruck Prototype

Considering that the Cybertruck debuted a full two years ago, you’d think that – by now – the company would have figured out something as essential as a windshield wiper. Or a pair of them. Suppose that’s too conventional for a company like Tesla, that seems to forgo any morsel of collaborative wisdom that’s otherwise been set forth by the automotive industry after over a century of existing. To be fair, some of the old ways should be dismissed. But, surely, not all of them.

A USPTO filing otherwise suggests that Tesla is working on an electromagnetic windshield wiper system. The patent documentation states that “the control circuitry controls a linear motion of the electromagnetic moving block along at least one guide rail to steer the wiper arm that is coupled to the electromagnetic moving block back and forth across a length of the windshield to the windshield.”

The patented Tesla windshield wiper blade system is meant to make the entire transparent area of the windshield clear, which is something that standard wipers can’t do. Whether the Tesla Cybertruck will incorporate this specific windshield design or not is hard to say. At this point, there’s still plenty of time before the final production models come to pass and anything is possible. Other truck elements spotted on this Cybertruck prototype that differ from previous versions include side mirrors, fender flares that appear to be thicker than before, and smaller lights located between the main headlights.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk promises a Tesla Cybertruck update during the company’s Q4 2021 Earnings Call. The updated Cybertruck is expected to offer a four motor option, and a strafing crabwalk mode to better compete with the GMC Hummer EV, which is already in production. Pricing of the Cybertruck has been taken down from the company’s website. Stay tuned for more.

Tesla Cybertruck Gets More Production Oriented Design

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