Tesla Cybertruck Stops Taking Reservations In Europe, China

The Tesla Cybertruck continues to enjoy rabid fandom that have gone onto create their own expanded fantasy universe with renderings that include everything from campers to houses. Like the Cybertruck, they all remain conceptual. Despite being revealed back in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck is not expected to reach customers until at least 2023 at minimum, while Rivian, GM, and Ford would have gotten a few years of electric truck production under their belts by that time. And the latest news is that Tesla has stopped accepting reservations for the Cybertruck in both Europe and China, where it faces regulatory headwinds because of its size, weight, and lack of pedestrian safety precautions.

Tesla Cybertruck Gigafactory
Image via Joe Rogan, Facebook.

Tesla Cybertruck reservations are still open for North American buyers. To counter being rejected by China and the EU, Musk previously stated that the company could make a smaller version of the truck with a slightly different design specifically for that market.

Tesla has also casted further doubt on the Cybertruck by removing production timelines, trim levels, and pricing from its website, while still accepting reservations from customers that still seek to give the company money. With commodities pricing for necessary battery metals like lithium still climbing, there’s no telling where the pricing of the Tesla truck will end up.

With the debuts and production of electric pickup trucks like the GMC Hummer EV, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Rivian R1T, Tesla has more or less returned to the drawing board with the Cybertruck, reformulating its powertrain, as well as the plan to add features such as rear-wheel steering.

The Cybertruck will eventually begin production at the Tesla’s new facility outside of Austin, Texas, where the company has recently moved its headquarters from Fremont, California.

Tesla does no longer accept orders for the cybertruck in Europe.
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